About Live Church

Live Church is a dedicated Christian platform for different Christian denominations. Some People fail to go to church due to work assignments, personal commitments, during sickness or during traveling. In these situations this feature brings the church services or events to the users mobile phone and desktop devices.


Founders Note:

During the time I was organizing and planning for the features of the all1zed live church website, a friend asked me how much the users will be paying to access the website because of the enthusiasm I attached and the equipment I purchased to make my idea work. I told him that it’s for free!!

After all the work and testing was done I wrote letters of invitation to some Zambian Churches to use the website for free. I personally delivered  the letters so that I attach some verbal introduction and get first hand thoughts from the church administrations. Part of my idea was to integrate many Christian denomination under one platform so that Zambian Christians have a dedicated online platform where to find Christian related information as reflected from our all1zed live church motto One Zambia One Nation One God. A single platform will aid Christians exchange of ideas and information thus concentrate the forces to fight a common enemy. From these meetings some welcomed the idea and others said they were not ready to deliver the gospel  through the internet.

My 21 Century thought of delivering God’s gospel:

Currently, various information exchange is in real time through the internet to the users on handheld and desktop devices. In Christianity point of view, never in our modern time has unpleasant information reached Christians and negatively impacted, corrupted, destroyed Christian faith and values or doctrine through smart applications and gadgets, I term this “Smart Sinning”. As Christians we have a mandate to fight and defeat Evil the best ways we can find as long as the ways don’t offend God. The modern era smart way of fighting Satan is by the use of smart Technology such as smart applications and gadgets.

Under all1zed live church website you can watch live or recorded church services, gospel music, leave prayer requests, post upcoming Christian events and post written, audio or video sermons/articles using smart phones or desktop devices.


It’s great pleasure you found this platform useful.

Stay Blessed,